If you are a fan of sports then you will no doubt have come across thousands of different sites all offering to stream you the latest sporting events for free. Most of the time these sites, especially the free ones, will be full of adverts and viruses. Other times you will be asked to sign up in order to unlock the streams only to find out that you are paying for a torrents service or some sort of peer-to-peer video sharing service which can be found three elsewhere. There are also many sites which are simply torrents of video sites which is obviously do not allow you to stream live events.

Since the inception of online sports betting we have seen betting sites such as bet365 surgical was with new technology from mobile sports betting to free sports streams of the latest events. Almost all UK sports books allow you to stream various sporting events. The amount of sporting events and the quality of the streams vary from site to site. Bet365 is currently the best provider of free support streams for its uses and has approximately 60,000 live events every single year. Of course the whole point bet365 is that you place wagers on these games which you can do so while watching them. Obviously as you are betting with the sites there will be a small delay with the streams of anything up to 30 seconds for football. In order to unlock the streams you will need to have an active account and depending on which site you choose will need to make a bets on the game you wish to watch. In the case of bet365 you do not need to wager on the game you wish to stream but you will need to place a bet of up to 50p or a deposit of any amount within the last 24 hours.

The streams can be unlocked and stream to any device such as your iPhones or iPads if you have the relevant apps installed or simply to your mobile browser or desktop machine if you wish. Some sports books even allow you to stream it direct to your TV in high definition. The range and quality of these matches will vary from sports book to sports book parts you can find pretty much any game you wish. Bet365 for example have sports from handball to cricket and football to horseracing. Although you will not be able to watch major games such as premiership or champions league games you can still watch some pretty big European football. The accept matches that you will be able to stream depend on where you live. This is simply because each country has their own football matches licence to various companies. For example in the UK the champions league is now being shown only on sky TV rather than ITV making it impossible for people to watch the matches without a sky subscription.