Telegraph and Argus Newspaper

The History of the Telegraph and Argus Newspaper

First published in 1868, The Telegraph & Argus is the daily newspaper for Bradford in West Yorkshire. Currently printed early each day (it used to be only an evening paper) on its own printing presses in Bradford,

Locally known as the T&A, the Telegraph and Argus Newspaper is publishe six times a week, not being available on a Sunday.

Originally a broadsheet until 1989 when it became tabloid ... more on the newspaper

Telegraph and Argus

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  • The Daily Telegraph (est. 1855) – owned by David and Frederick Barclay – Traditionalist, centre-right political orientation. The best-selling quality press title, it consistently backs the Conservative Party in UK elections.
  • Financial Times (est. 1888) – owned by Pearson PLC. A business-oriented daily. Economically liberal, politically centrist.

other newspapers

Trust in newspaper journalists falls by 25% says report

Trust in national newspaper journalists – both broadsheet and tabloid - has plunged by 25% following the phone-hacking scandal.